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Collaborating With Manufacturers For Custom Product Boxes: Check This Guide!

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Collaborating With Manufacturers For Custom Product Boxes: Check This Guide!

Customizing product packaging is not about design and aesthetics alone. Increasing number of brands are trying to create boxes that define their respective products, while also doubling up as marketing tools. An ideal customized product box is the one that’s designed for the product, keeping all aspects, including sizing, dimensions and nature in consideration.

If your brand is looking for box packaging with private label, or simply needs customized boxes, the first step is to find a reliable manufacturer. In this post, we are sharing more on how you can collaborate better.

  • More than just box manufacturing. A lot of box manufacturers do more than just making packaging boxes as per order. Many of them are involved in structural conception, and they often help clients with design, graphics and other aspects. If your company is a small one that doesn’t have internal resources for box design, find a manufacturer that can manage these tasks. Creative design requires insight into the basics of box manufacturing.
  • Capacity counts. Can the manufacturer handle large and small orders? How long does it take to get an order of 5,000 boxes? What’s the minimum order size? Does the company work with big brands and small startups alike? You need to know what to expect from a box manufacturer when you collaborate with them, because the association can be for a much longer term.
  • Storage option. Yes, there are companies that offer storage choice for clients. For example, if you are placing an order for a few thousand boxes that are not required immediately, the manufacturer can store those in their warehouse, until you ask for shipping. Warehouse facility comes in handy for most product sellers who are grappling with limited space.

  • Reducing costs. Think of product box manufacturers as an extended arm for your business. They must be involved in every step of the production process, including the design, and must suggest ways to reduce costs. For example, many companies offer free shipping for all orders, while others may have special rebates for larger orders. Check how the manufacturer can proactively help in cutting packaging costs.

There is no denying that customized box packaging is the need of the hour, and it is necessary to invest in ideas that can help in selling the product. When your company looks for box manufacturers, it’s necessary to look at their expertise, experience, and the range of services they can offer, keeping your brand in consideration.