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Five Ways to Make your E-commerce Website More Usable and User-Friendly

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Online selling is quite competitive because your competitors are just a click away. Customers who do not like a website will simply find another to purchase what they need from.  If you are looking to expand your customer base, you want to create a dependable and user-friendly website. Fortunately, you don’t have to break your break to build this site. The best drag and drop website builder can help you make your dream site a reality. A user-friendly website makes the buying process easy and quick.  Below are some helpful tips in building a more usable and user-friendly e-commerce website:

Choose Sing-Up and Calls to Action Buttons Wisely

It is important to consider the size, wording, font, color, and positioning of your sign-up button. Make sure it is clear and in a color that stands out from the background of your site. Also, calls to action buttons must also stand out. Calls to action help build higher conversion rates and improve the usability of your website.

Eliminate Lengthy Registration

Make registering with your site an easy and quick process by giving short sign-up forms. Require only pertinent customer information. In fact, some e-commerce websites even eliminate registration during the checkout process. And ask their customers if they want to sign up to make their next purchase easier.

Integrate Search Functionality

This will help your customers find what they are looking for and make their shopping experience more satisfying. Search functionality is especially important if your e-commerce website is selling a variety of products. Added category refinement to the site will make the search process even quicker.

Prioritize Making your Customers Confident in Purchasing Products from your Site

Every e-commerce website needs to have proper content management and personal information security. Your site must have features that protect your customers’ privacy. This will make them confident about making a purchase from the site. Make sure to obtain an updated SSL certificate and a trust certificate from authorized vendors.

Guide Customers through the Buying Process

As customers place an order, they will want to know where they are in the purchase process. That is why you must ensure they can track the number of steps they have accomplished, and the steps they still have to do. For this, you need breadcrumb navigation. With this feature, your customers will not think your shopping process takes forever. Also, it lets them go back to a previous step and edit something instead of starting over or abandoning their purchases halfway through.